Modern Smoking Alternatives

No Ash, Butts or Smell!

E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

At Maine Smoke Shop we strive to follow latest trends of tobacco industry including electronic cigarettes, vaping and e-hookah.

Brands You Know and Trust

Electronic cigarettes provide the experience of traditional cigarettes without the smoke, ash or smell. Our stores carry wide selection of both disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes. Among most popular brands are Metro, Blu, Zoom and Mistic. For beginners we offer extensive choice of starter kits and disposable e-cigs. We also have great selection of cartridges, batteries and other accessories for experienced e-cigarette consumers.

No More Smoke, Just Vapor

Vape is a process referred to as such because of vapor created when heating and evaporating liquid. E-liquids used in vaporizers come in variety of flavors and nicotine content. For vaping fans we offer following brands of vaporizers: Criss Cross, Double Diamond, iSmoke, Faze, Happy Cigs and Vapor X.

Competetive Pricing

As with every product we offer at Maine Smoke Shop our electronic cigarettes and vape items are offered to you at very competitive prices and often have special discounts as well. We always welcome special requests and are ready to help you with any questions.

E-liquid flavors


Of course we, have a wide selection of Vapor X, Criss Cross, Double Diamond and Faze e-liquids. Some of the irresistible flavors include green apple, triple berry and pina colada.